Difference between a 4l60e and a 4l80e

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The 4L80E is noticeably larger and longer than the 4L60E. This size difference means that they are not easily interchangeable. There are many cars that the 4L80E just won’t fit into without modifying the …The difference between the stock 4L60E and the 4L80E is torque capacity. You would have to do some beefing up with the 4L60E just to get it up to the torque capacity that the 4L80E already has. I can't see any advantage of using a 4L60E at all.

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The 4L60E is a computer controlled transmission. The 4L80E is computer controlled, there is no non-computer version of it unfortunately. You can buy stand alone computers to run those transmissions, but be prepared to pay at the very minimum $600 for one. BS'er formally known as Rebeldryver. Resident Instigator.19977 posts · Joined 2012. #10 · Dec 3, 2020. 6l80 hands down every day over the 4l60e. The main weak spot on the 6l80 is the torque converter and the tuning. Get a better torque converter in there and some solid tuning, and they are good transmissions.The 4L80e was produced alongside the 4L60e and are all four-speed transmissions, so basically, both have an overdrive. They both are also electronically controlled. But the 4L80e vs. 4L60e, which is better? The 4L80e is better. First, the 4L80e was built using the same components the strong TH400 used, making the 4L80e stronger than the 4L60e ...The next step in the conversion process is to replace the output shaft in the 4L80E transmission with a 2WD version or have it shortened by a professional machine shop. To remove the output shaft, begin by removing the extension housing from the transmission. This can be done by removing the bolts that secure the housing to the transmission case.

Nice write up. Thanks for sharing. I installed a 4L80E as part of my LS swap and cut off both ears with a sawz all to facilitate header clearance. For those searching for a used 4L80E keep in mind that GM made a few changes in 2004 you need to know about. Most notably the PRNDL is not a 7 position like most older overdrive transmissions.4l60e part 3 (final assembly) 4l60e for saleShift solenoids change Transmission gm vs differences swap pan transmissions boltWhat's the difference between 4l60e and 4l80e. How to change shift solenoids 4l60eTransmission automatic rebuild inside sponsored links 4l60e rebuildNeed some 4l80e help. 4L80E Transmission rebuild part 3 - YouTube. Check ...1. Origin. Despite having similar model numbers, there is a vast difference between 4l60e and 4l80e on how each of these made. On the one hand, the 4l80e is an electronic overdrive successor to the …Major differences between the 4L60e and the 4L80e are pressures, clutch setups, and probably most importantly for your setup, length. 4L80e is quite a bit longer than a 60 in side to side comparison. What tranny is currently behind the 2000 motor? Or is it crate? The 96-98 4L60e are probably cheaper than the 95's because of demand issues.4l80e installWhat's the difference between 4l60e and 4l80e The novak guide to the gm 4l80e automatic transmissionTransmission gm 2008 automatic transmissions side 2006 motor. Pump th400 drilled relief does need greater count signatures currently must links posts post4l80e. does the pump need a relief drilled like the th400? 4l80 trans ...

The 4l60e transmission was found in a many light and medium duty GM cars, trucks, and SUV's from the mid-1990's all the way up to the early 2010's. Here is ... 4l60e vs 6l80: Difference Between 4l60e and 6l80 Transmissions . Post navigation. Previous Article Transmission Cooler Lines - The ...Transmissions gearstar upgrades earlierTransmission transmissions ls gmc auto series gm problems specs automatic electric engine shop 2001 trans 1991 jonesborough engines manual connection Difference between 4l60e and 4l80e (4l60e vs 4l80e). Check Details Check Details. 4R70W Transmission Remanufactured Performance Heavy Duty 4x4. Check DetailsRe: Performance tuning the 4L60E and 4L80E Transmission VIA. I don't usually increase LP substantially on an old or unknown trans. a 10% increase is usually enough to notice. I will decrease desired shift times, adjust the up and downshift speed vs tps, and change the TCC lockup. GM did a nice job of making power with the stock LT1 IMO. ….

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The 4L80E is a descendent of the proven TH400 transmission design. It is very rugged, has much more potential for power capacity than any other overdrive transmission on the market. It has better power flow for big power applications, much more clutch capacity and apply area than the 4L60E. Simply put, from a design and engineering perspective ...4L60E is a lighter, less robust transmission suitable for smaller vehicles. 4L80E is a heavier, more durable transmission designed for larger, heavier vehicles and towing. Key Differences The 4L60E is a four-speed automatic transmission developed by General Motors, known for its use in lighter trucks and passenger vehicles.

Colo. Springs, CO. V. Vaughn. Member. 700R4 is the same thing as a 4L60E, they just use a new name, plus it is electronically controlled (the meaning of the E in the name). 4L80E is the TH400 with an overdrive gear on it. You can think of the 700R4 (or 4L60E) as a TH350 with an overdrive gear. It's an oversimplification, but it makes it a lot ...4l80e Transmission Filter. Transmission filters for the 4l80e are very inexpensive and simple. Most 4l80e transmission filters and kits (including pan gasket and filter seal) cost around $20 - $30. The filters we recommend for your 4l80e are: ACDelco 24236933 Professional Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit.

baddies reunion The 4L60e is an evolution of the T700R4 where as the 4L80e evolved from the older T400 (which was a heavy duty 3 speed auto) but with overdrive. The biggest issue would be controlling the various transmissions. 4L80e upgrade wouldn't be to bad as it is still only a 4 speed but the 6L80e is a whole different kettle of fish. weather alerts indianapolishow long is hot honey rub back for I'll apparently need to swap out converters, to either a special dished style or add a spacer. The adapter for the 4l60e to 205 is $180...the adapter for 4l80e to 205 is like $700, woof. On top of that the 4l80e is a fair bit longer, not to mention overall bigger. I did stumble across Monster transmissions who offer a HD 4l60e with lock up ...1462 posts · Joined 2006. #2 · Apr 15, 2012. I believe the only main difference is the 4L65E has a 5 gear planetary instead of a 4 gear planetary. Other than that their almost identical and everything in a 65e should swap over no problem. [SIGPIC] [/SIGPIC] 02 Sierra AWD. N/A 6L. 1986 toyota 4runner for sale 19977 posts · Joined 2012. #10 · Dec 3, 2020. 6l80 hands down every day over the 4l60e. The main weak spot on the 6l80 is the torque converter and the tuning. Get a better torque converter in there and some solid tuning, and they are good transmissions. leslies pool cleanersosrs house keysgoshen news goshen indiana Transmission Controller Feature Comparison. Quick 2 is a simple control solution for your 4L60E, 4L80E, 4R70W, E4OD, or 4R100 transmission, making them work in a wide variety of vehicles, including ones not originally equipped with electronic control. It also allows customization of the transmission's behavior with user-friendly software. funny white racist names 4l80e vs 6l80: Difference Between 4l80e and 6l80 Transmissions . Used 4l80e Transmissions . 4l80e Transmission Coolers . Post navigation. Previous Article 4l60e Transmission Cooler Line Diagram. Next ... Previous Article 4l60e Transmission Cooler Line Diagram.4L60E. 4L80E. Automatic Transmission. LS Swap. The Driveway Engineer. Transmission. Follow Us on Flipboard. The Driveway Engineer helps you answer the 4L60 vs 4L80 transmission question for your LS swap, but cautions; stop wasting $ on Built 4L60's. gold duralast batterybull run game farmkat timpf nude fakes Torque rating differences are as follows: 4L80 at 440 lb-ft. 4L85 at 690lb-ft. The GVWR rating also differs between the 4L80 at 16: 500 lbs, and the 4L85 at 18,000 lbs. The planetary gear setup also differs. The 4L80 has four pinion gears on the assembly while the 4L85 has five.Difference Between 4L60e & 4L80e by Jess Kroll . Both the 4L60E and 4L80E are automotive transmissions built by the General Motors Company. While the 4L60E is a standard transmission used in rear wheel vehicles manufactured after 1993, the 4L80E is typically limited to diesel and big block vehicles. The two differ greatly in origin, performance ...